Costume Designer for This is Water 2022 | Feature film directed and written by Matthew Colston

Costume Designer for Amaru 2022 | Short drama directed and written by  Jennifer Jenesis Scott & Brandon Hammond

Main Set Costumer for Finaclimaxia 2015 | Set in the 1940s |  American Film Institute Student Film - Producer: Joshua Valles - Director: Meliessa Perez

Costume Designer for I am Tommy Talbot a.k.a Plastic 2016 | Feature Film produced, directed, and written by Matt Hewes

Costume Designer for Good Lok 2022  |   Short film directed and written by John Dorsett

PW: Good Lok

Set Costumer for Ouija Exorcism 2015 | Feature Film by Marquis Productions and Orange Bird Productions

Costume Designer for Comedy School for Girls 2016 | Short comedy produced, directed, and written by Moreen Littrell 

Costume Designer for To Die for Mandy | Chromolume Theatre at "The Attic," in Los Angeles 2016 | Director & Playwright: Matt Hewes  

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